Tango Partners

Tango™ Partners allows repair shops and contractors to purchase seats at a reduced cost when their clients are Tango™ Users.

Company Location
Equipment Repair Partners
Electric Motor and Contracting Chesapeake, VA
Ethridge Electric Shreveport, LA
Grayson Armature Pasadena, TX
Saber Power Services Houston, TX
Sartron Guilford, CT
Shermco Irving, TX
Siemens Washington, D.C.
Oil Labs and Lube Services
Exxon/Signum USA
Fluid Life Bloomington, MN
Insite Services Addison, TX
Lubrecon Houston, TX
Oil Analysis Lab Grand Rapids, MI
Polaris Laboratories® Indianapolis, IN
R&G Labs Tampa, FL
Service Partners
Acuren Canada
Acuren USA
CB&I The Woodlands, TX
ECI Lawrence, PA
Failure Prevention Associates Watson, Canada
Fischer Process Industries Loveland, OH
Ludeca Doral, FL
Machine Diagnostics Somerville, TN
PEMCo Predictive Technologies Lebanon, OH
Primac Reliability Vancouver BC Canada
Reliability Concepts Coldwater, MI
Thermotest San Pedro, CA
The Walling Company Omaha, NE