Maintenance Work Planners

Tango Web Service, in a supplemental role to the plant's CMMS system, can streamline the flow of equipment condition status between analysts, reliability engineers, and maintenance planners.

A couple of years ago, one maintenance planner at an automobile assembly plant in the Southeast would spend several hours each Tuesday reviewing e-mail reports coming from condition monitoring contractors providing vibration, oil, IR thermography, and ultrasonic analysis. After wading through the different formats and severity scales for each technology report, he would make decisions about which assets needed work orders in their SAP system.

As soon as the PdM analyst enters information about a high severity problem, Tango™ notifies the maintenance planner by e-mail and he uses his web browser to open the Integrated Condition Status Report (ICSR) for details (Fig 1). The components with the highest severity problems are at the top of the list, and he can quickly see if other technologies have also reported a problem with that asset. He can drill down into findings and recommendation details, plus open any supporting documents such as vibration spectra or thermography images.

Fig 1: Web report highlights assets with condition problems,along with the analyst's detailed findings, recommendations, and work order status.

The maintenance planner says he appreciates the timeliness of the e-mail notification, and the convenient web access for checking out the reported problem. Now, instead of waiting for his Tuesday review, he's able to generate the SAP work orders throughout the week as they come up. "I always include the ICSR information in the work order", as well as a copy of the linked IR thermography image, to help out the assigned work team.

Now this maintenance planner doesn't have to wade through different technology reports each week to decide what work orders to generate, so he uses his Tuesday review to look at the status of open condition-based work orders and check off those that have been completed. He includes comments taken from the work order summary (Fig 2).

Fig 2: Monitoring analysts appreciate feedback letting them know what happened with a condition call.